Naturopaths – October 29nd, 2017


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October 29nd, 2017



Have you ever wondered about the so-called stones that are released during a liver – gallbladder cleanse?  I call them “Bile Balls” because they are green and squishy. And there are a lot of skeptics, among naturopaths and the public, about their constituents.

Here’s an FAQ about the flush, from Andreas Moritz

The mayo clinic warns against them, but doesn’t really say much

And so does this plant-based site

So what’s the truth?  I suggest you check it out for yourself. Personally i don’t recommend people do them without the guidance of someone with experience – someone who can discern whether you are a good candidate.

I suggest you reach out to Jane, and participate in her cleanse.  It’s gentle, effective and from what I’ve seen, people feel a renewed sense of vitality afterward.

So whether the “stones”  are really stoned – or they are congealed bile and fat, it really doesn’t matter , does it?

Jane Gyette did a facebook live event on Thursday-.  She interviewed a sonographer who took videos of an ultrasound scan during a cleanse.

I’ve done jane’s cleanse a few times and it’s amazing.