There are lots of pearls to extract from SHINE – November 8th, 2015


Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training (NEPT)
Clinical Pearl
November 8th, 2015

There are lots of pearls to extract from SHINE. Among them are:

From Dr. Tom O’Bryan:

Going gluten free can disrupt the microbiome by reducing fiber and prebiotics. Be sure to recommend your clients protect themselves with prebiotics like Jerusalem artichokes, inulin from chicory, chicory itself, and other prebiotic foods. Be cautious if they have SIBO though as these foods are considered FODMAPs and can be irritating.

– related to the fact that there are 10 times more bacterial cells in our bodies than human. “We are really bacteria having a human experience.”

From Mike Mutzel:

“Fat burning is maximized when you exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and consume branched chain amino acids within 30 minutes of completing exercise.”

Alzheimer’s relationship to the gut: The characteristic plaques or tangles found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s are present in neurons in their guts too.