Use Genetic Reports to Influence Your Client to Change – June 7th, 2015


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June 7th, 2015

Use Genetic Reports to Influence Your Client to Change

You know how sometimes it’s hard to get your clients to see the importance of following a health sustaining diet? They whine and complain about missing all their favorite foods.

Sometimes what works is to show them lab results that indicate that they NEED to make the changes ASAP to avoid steady decline. When they understand how the old habits impact their quality of life and their biochemistry, they often will stop.

There are 2 things that I find helpful in influencing change. One is a simple gluten test. Generally, people with chronic symptoms show up as gluten intolerant. The simple $99 test form is often quite helpful at persuading people to get off gluten.

The second powerful strategy is another very inexpensive lab test – 23 and Me Genetics. It’s also just $99.

What I find is that when you can point out a few major SNPs related to food they often get motivated to change. For example, with CYP1a1 SNPs, they have difficulty with heterocyclic amines — maybe it’s time to give up the barbequed meats?

Dairy blocks folate receptors, and is especially bad with FOLR1, 2, or 3 SNPs for folate receptors.

There are genes that impact caffeine metabolism and, alcohol clearance too.

Check out my VITAL presentation from Thursday on Nutrigenomics for a simple key to some of these food related SNPs.

And if you don’t know what a SNP is? Even more reason to check it out.

The edited version will soon be on the site, but for now you can check it out HERE:

Replay Page Password: yourdna


And for a lot of detail, check out the Nutrigenomics module on the Vibrant Living Members site. On the Part 2 page there is a set of “cheat sheets.”