Fat and Insulin Resistance – February 1st, 2015


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February 1st, 2015

Fat and Insulin Resistance

On my recent radio show, I interviewed Dr. Doug Graham, who promotes a diet of raw plant foods, 80% carbohydrate,10% fat and 10% protein.  He is adamant that this is the ideal diet for all people, and leaves little room for individual variation.

I am less dogmatic, and while I agree that the foundation of the diet should be fresh whole organic fruits and vegetables, in my experience, it’s necessary to vary the amounts of these foods and the macronutrient content of the diet according to the needs of each individual, based on genetics, current and past health condition, emotional needs and economics.

I found this article in my collection that I thought would shed some light on the fact that fats do not by themselves contribute to insulin resistance.  This article delves into the protective effect of nuts, and the ability to lower insulin resistance. If you want to go right to the discussion about insulin resistance, skip to page 5 or so.