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Transpersonal Energy Healing

Description of Courses

Create an Energy Connection

A one-time, half-day LIVE (Zoom) video conference workshop. No pre-requisite required.  Open to the public.

Discover how to apply the power of energy dynamics in your practitioner/client relationships to create a strong, bonded trust.

  • How to create the foundation of a healing presence as a health practitioner.
  • Establish clear energy boundaries. Stay healthy even when you bring your client through disease.
  • 3 simple actions to establish connection.

Live demos that reveal the practical step-by-step system of Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling.

The Energy and Physiology of Trauma

Two,120-minute live Zoom Video Conferencing sessions scheduled two weeks apart – no prerequisite required. Open to the public.

Unmanaged stress and unresolved trauma are often the root of physical symptoms and disease. Gaining an understanding of stress, trauma, and the nervous system will empower you to support the healing of current stressors and past traumas for yourself, your family members, and your clients.

In this course, we will cover:

  • The physiology of stress and trauma
  • How stress and trauma dysregulated the nervous system, causing disease
  • Identify how trauma reactions in behaviors are expressed in the five Personality Energy Patterns
  • Techniques and strategies to help shift the system out of a trauma response and regulate back to its natural, healthy, balanced state
  • How to recognize unresolved trauma, how to respond when it surfaces in your sessions with clients, and how to know when it’s appropriate to refer out to a qualified therapist

Dancing With Defenses

10 Zoom Video Conferencing sessions, scheduled over 10 consecutive weeks – no prerequisite required. Open to the public.  

This class is offered LIVE once a year. 

Healer, heal thyself aptly applies to this course. This intensive is an intimate immersion into a body/mind psychology map that allows you to gauge the most effective style of communication for each individual client.

You’ll gain remarkable insights into how, and why, certain individual relationships are more charged and challenging, while others are comfortable and easy.  As you experience these body/mind principles, you’ll realize new possibilities for personal and interpersonal healing, and also increase your communication skills.

  • Recognize the 5 Childhood Body/Mind Developmental Stages of Life, and how they show up as limitations in our adult physical body, mind, and health.
  • Identify defenses: how they affect your health, and how you can respond rather than react to your own defenses and those of your clients.
  • Discover how the issue of your defenses is stored in the tissue, how to bring fluid movement into energy blocks, and integrate this into healing energy.
  • Reclaim locked up life force for health.

Broaden your client spectrum as you broaden your capacity to be present and confident with more personality types.

The Exceptional Practitioner
How to Attain Confidence, Competence and Compassion with Transpersonal Energy

Guided by the author, you’ll be given a six-session dive into the eBook, The Exceptional Practitioner: Transpersonal Energy Healing, which includes both the eBook and video course. Sessions meet twice per month for 3 consecutive months.

No prerequisite required. 

You’ll learn how to become an Exceptional Practitioner by incorporating Transpersonal Energy Healing into your professional practice with clients. 

“Transpersonal” means “across the whole person.” Energy Healing means we work with the subtle (chakra) energy system of the body, the same subtle nervous system utilized when receiving acupuncture.

The Exceptional Practitioner course is an introduction to the process of Transpersonal Energy Healing where we learn how our beliefs and emotions are stored in the body’s tissue, and how this cellular memory can be retrieved for healing. 

Using body/mind psychology, we learn what it means to track the movement of thought patterns and emotions into subconscious blocks in the body. The process makes subconscious cellular memory conscious, resulting in a natural healing transformation. Often what occurs as a result is new awareness, and release from decades-old, self-destructive, and unhealthy patterns and habits. 

Clients who have been beleaguered with weight issues, self-esteem problems, chronic fatigue, and many other issues that could not be reached through traditional forms of medical care, often find success getting to the root cause of the blocked energy using Transpersonal Energy Healing. You’ll learn how to apply skills that increase your ability to guide your clients to the root cause of illness using this system.

In community with your LIVE video (Zoom) classmates from all over the world, you’ll learn introductory skills to begin to incorporate Transpersonal Energy Healing into your practice.

Included are six, 90-minute LIVE Zoom Video Conferencing sessions, scheduled twice per month for 3 consecutive months. A minimum of 4 of the 6 Zoom video calls in this module must be attended LIVE, in real-time, for certification.

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 Earn Your Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner Certification by Completing the Above Courses
PLUS the Following 2 Courses

Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling

Seven-day intensive LIVE, IN-PERSON ONLY event, offered one time annually.
Prerequisite:  Dancing with Defenses.  Instructor approval required.

As a practitioner and expert in your field, you’re armed with valuable information, statistics, and a great health plan for your clients. The challenge many practitioners face is how to help clients succeed in implementing your treatment plan.

This intensive is a body/mind/energy psychology interactive experiential learning method that teaches you to feel authentic and grounded for personal contentment and professional success.  

You’ll comprehend how, and why, finding the emotional, psychological, and spiritual root cause of imbalance profoundly facilitates healing.

Understand the physiological and psychological components of the chakras, their depiction of our state of health, and how to improve the functions of the chakras for greater health.

Discover why, and how, you and your clients get stuck in limiting patterns, and how to shift that perspective for healing.

  • Turn fear into life force: Release stuck emotions
  • Stop reactivity from interfering with personal and professional goals
  • Clear and charge your Energy System, and perceive chakras and auras for confidence, clarity, and health
  • Strengthen your center with a vital, practical meditation practice
  • Help others heal: have a healing system for clients, friends, and family
  • Have healthy energy boundaries in your personal relationships and professional practice.

Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling provides the skills you need to help your clients get to the core of the issues that impede their progress. You’ll learn:

  • How to be a compassionate listener
  • The Art of Inquiry: release the core issue that lives in the tissue
  • The basics of counselor/client relationship bonding
  • How to have healthy boundaries for both yourself and your client
  • Exercises to open the heart, increase trust, and surrender
  • Understand the power and integrity of a therapeutic healing relationship
  • How to do closure and follow up with clients.

Help Clients Boldy Transform: Case Studies and Coaching Techniques

Six LIVE (Zoom) two-hour conferences scheduled approximately twice a month over 3-4 months. A minimum of 4 of the 6 Zoom video calls in this module must be attended LIVE, in real-time, for certification.

Each 2-hour session includes discussion, case study feedback, Q&A, and a PowerPoint presentation that addresses common issues a practitioner may expect to face in their practice.

Prerequisite:    Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling.  Instructor approval required.

How to Help your Clients Boldly Transform is a support group for those applying Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling principles into their professional practice. It provides a safe, supportive environment for guidance and feedback from a master instructor and peer professionals.

You’ll gently discover where you may be caught in a limiting pattern and how to shift out. Gain options for successful outcomes when facing unforeseen challenging dynamics.

In How to Help Your Clients Boldly Transform, we’ll apply Energy Healing Principles to help your clients. You’ll learn skills to:

  • Keep an open-hearted relationship
  • Implement healthy boundaries
  • Build trust
  • Get unstuck with challenging cases
  • Ease insecurity, despite your vast expertise
  • Trust the timing of the healing process
  • Manage transference

Transpersonal Energy Healing Certification Graduation Counseling

If you choose to graduate and earn a Certificate of Completion as a Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner, you will be required to schedule a 90-minute exit interview with the Program Director.

Prerequisite: Completion of all other modules

You will have a 90-minute exit interview with the director and/or a member of the teaching team to review and assess your progression throughout your certification training. We’ll help you understand how to integrate and apply what you have learned.  We’ll discuss how to best apply your training to your personal life and professional practice.  This important session includes honoring the transformational journey you achieved.

In this session we will:

  • Review the techniques, your skills, and your level of ability
  • Discuss how to apply your skills to your life and your work
  • Understand how to communicate what you do for personal and promotional marketing needs
  • Evaluate how to continue your trajectory of individual development
  • Celebrate your achievement!

Advanced Electives

Consulting for Complex Cases

This series of four Complex Case sessions meets quarterly. This is a place to bring challenges that show up with the clients who push your buttons. Each session will include a Q&A, as well as an opportunity to bring your complex cases to class. You’ll have a safe place to ask questions, explore your own transference, and get great input from other professionals.

Each of the four sessions will include a specific theme:

  1. Transference – Is it my stuff or theirs?
  2. Boundaries – How to discern when my emotional and financial needs color my communication with clients
  3. Scope of Practice – How to best support my client with the appropriate team
  4. Q & A – Answers to how to recognize and respond effectively

You don’t have to do it alone. In this series, you’ll walk away with new strategies and personal insights about yourself. You’ll also have the chance to network with other professionals, giving you resources for yourself and your clients. (Instructor approval required to enroll.)