Transpersonal Energy Practitioners Training: FAQs

Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH) Practitioner Training
trains practitioners in
Subconscious Cellular Healing

FAQ’s about Subconscious Cellular Healing:
A Practitioners System for Dissolving the Resistances that Keep Clients Stuck in Subconscious Self-Sabotaging Behaviors


Q: What exactly is Subconscious Cellular Healing?

Subconscious Cellular Healing is a system that dissolves the resistances that keep clients stuck in subconscious self-sabotaging behaviors. It teaches practitioners to guide clients to the root cause of their health problems, so they can get better once and for all.

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Q: Ok, so I’m a Practitioner, working with a client on a treatment plan to, for example, to help my client lose 30 pounds of excess-weight, and they are pre-diabetic. How does Subconscious Cellular Healing work and why is it important for me to learn this?

Many practitioners are great at assessing their client’s labs and providing an excellent treatment plan. The problem occurs when your client wants to implement your plan but is having great difficulty actually doing it. Perhaps they feel its too daunting, or they give up just when they’re starting to make progress, or they feel anxious or afraid their family members won’t support them.

Its common to have emotional resistances and negative beliefs with any kind of health problems. Practitioners get stuck by approaching emotional issues with rational evidence, explaining WHY they must implement lifestyle and diet changes. Your client may agree and have the best of intentions but they just can’t seem to succeed in carrying out your plan consistently enough to get results.

There is a reason for this dilemma. They are often faced with Subconscious Cellular memories that form the basis of mental beliefs and emotional feelings they don’t know how to manage, and neither do you as their practitioner.

Most practitioners make the mistake of attempting to address emotional problems with intellectual REASONING, with clients. This typically doesn’t work. Practitioners need a system that allows them to help clients HEAL holistically. A system that reaches clients on all points: the physical, nutritional, bio-chemical, emotional, psychological, energetics (the chakra system), and spiritual levels.

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Q: Doesn’t therapy do that? Why not just refer them to a psychotherapist?

Therapy is an excellent resource, and can help clients with many issues. Unfortunately, most therapies, don’t address the ENERGY SYSTEM, where the SENSATIONS of Subconscious Cellular patterns originate. With Subconscious Cellular Healing, we guide our clients into a mind/body experience so they can feel where the life-force of their self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs are stored in their tissue. When client’s experience this level of energy, they’re “turning on” the aliveness of their immune system that has been suppressed. This process allows them to reclaim the life-force they disconnected from.

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Q: What caused these Subconscious Cellular patterns and how do I know if need this?

Subconscious Cellular patterns were created to adapt to disturbing circumstances we experienced in the past, mostly from our childhood or adolescent years. These patterns initially served as coping mechanisms for stressful circumstances. We can usually track a Subconscious Cellular pattern by taking a close look at the chronic long term health problems we have. Perhaps its migraines, or digestive problems. The cells retain these patterns until the underlying emotions are completely processed and released. For example, I had a client who had chronic migraines who hadn’t fully processed and grieved the death of a loved one. The migraines stopped after releasing the energy of that grief. When the energy stays in the cells, their is more potential for it to create dis-ease.

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Q: I find that many of my clients and students who have weight problems, experienced some kind of physical or sexual abuse in their history, and they’re afraid to lose weight because they’ll attract unwanted sexual attention. Can this kind of problem be helped with Subconscious Cellular Healing?

Yes, definitely! And that’s a great example of how and why so many clients struggle when trying to make progress. They’re up against the way they subconsciously protected themselves. Self-protection is really important, and they were brilliant to put on weight to do that, but we need to be able to teach our clients ways to self-protect that no longer cost them their health.

Subconscious Cellular Healing works across the whole person, “trans” means across, so we work holistically with the chakra energy system to address the physical symptoms, the emotional feelings, the psychological beliefs, the spirit, and guide our clients to experience their full life-force in a way that becomes integrated and healing.

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Q: This sounds great but also like it would be really challenging to learn.

This work is taught through “experiential learning” methods, so it’s really quite easy to learn and its fun! Experiential learning involves use of all five senses, and interactive exercises with other students.

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Q: If someone wanted to sign up for this, how would that happen? How long does the program take and what’s involved in learning how to help our clients with Subconscious Cellular Healing?

There are nine classes required for certification and the training takes only about a year to complete. The good news is that Practitioners who already have a professional practice are able to IMMEDIATELY start implementing and seeing results as soon as they start taking the training.

Most of the classes happen through zoom meetings in the comfort of your home. Some can be done as self-study at your own pace. Most are scheduled as live zoom group classes where you travel through a series of sessions together with colleagues. Twice a year we have two in-person LIVE training sessions in Austin, Texas at a beautiful retreat center.

When clients often share about their physical health challenges, its natural for them to want to talk about the deeply personal emotional feelings involved.  For practitioners who are just starting out and don’t yet have a practice, this training will help them feel super prepared when clients invariably talk about the emotional, spiritual and psychological components of their deeply personal physical health challenges.

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Q: Which class do I start with?

There are nine classes required to complete the certification. You have the option to try out most of the class topics that resonate with you, or to enroll in the entire certification program at a discounted price. Only two advanced level classes require some of the foundational courses first. Details are on the website.

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Q: This sounds fantastic and like a crucial set of skills for Health Practitioners to have. What makes it essential for practitioners?

For practitioners to help their clients bring about true and deep healing, being able to provide Subconscious Cellular Healing can make a critical difference in your client’s success. You’ll deeply touch the lives of your clients.

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Q: How do people get started in the Transpersonal Energy Healing Certification program?

Simply go to the website, and check out the Calendar of Classes. See what’s coming up next and get started right away. MOST of the classes can be taken in whatever sequence works for your schedule.

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