NEPT Certification Tracking


Insulin Resistance Solution Practitioner Training

Unit 1: Core Content

All Materials To Submit

NOTE: All materials should either be submitted as an Unlisted Youtube Link for videos or a PDF for documents. These are the documents and recording links to be submitted:

Project 1

  • YouTube unlisted link to interview - 20 minutes
  • Case history report in standard case report format
  • All assessments completed by client (PDF)
  • Lab tests submitted by client (PDF)
  • Your plan (PDF)
  • Tracking forms used during 30 day protocol as described above (PDF)
  • Case Study Writeup (PDF)
  • YouTube unlisted link to recording of case presentation - 10 minutes


Project 2 - Nutrient Report Assignment

  • Nutrient Report Assignment (PDF)


Project 3 - Food Principles Assignment

  • Food Principles Assignment (PDF)


Project 4 - Food Plan Assignment

  • Food Plan Assignment (PDF)


Case Study with Feedback Sessions (3 Total) 

  • Case history report in standard case report format (PDF)
  • Case Study Writeup (PDF)


Coaching Practicum Hours

  • Log of hours completed (PDF)